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LePierre Roofing has been a pioneer as a commercial roofer in Fernandina Beach, FL for over 30 years by offering comprehensive roofing solutions for your businesses. Our roofing services adhere to the highest quality standards, and our primary focus is your satisfaction. With us at the helm of all your commercial roofing needs, you will never have to worry about leaks or damage. We believe in a hands-on approach to our services and that our job does not end until you are 100% satisfied.

Your roof is subjected to harsh weather conditions and has to withstand strong winds. That is why you should not compromise on your commercial roofing contractor and pick the best in the business. We also offer extensive roof maintenance services to help keep your roof and daily business in the best working order. If you need a new roof or need a roof repair, you can get your roofing project started today with a free consultation by calling 904-277-3000.

We Cater to all Commercial Roofing Types

As a commercial roofing company, LePierre Roofing provides a one-stop shop for all your commercial roofing needs in Fernandina Beach, FL. We cater to all roof types, including all kinds of flat roofs such as TPO, as well as metal, tile and even shingle roofing. Each roofing type has its own set of unique properties.

  • TPO: These roofing systems are puncture- and tear-resistant, and virtually seamless, so they’ll have fewer problems with leaks. What’s more, they reflect UV radiation and are highly energy efficient, so they’ll save you money on utility expenses.
  • Flat roofs: Most commercial roofs are flat roofs, and whether you have a single-ply membrane like TPO or have a more traditional built-up tar-and-gravel (BUR) roofing system, our team can help keep them maintained. We can add a silicone coating over almost any type of roof to help prevent leaks and improve energy efficiency.
  • Metal: Metal roofing is one of the most popular choices for businesses and warehouses since these are ideal for covering sprawling areas. Metal roofs are also extremely durable–they’ll last you upwards of 50 years or even more with the right maintenance.
  • Tile: Tile roofing is also prevalent among business owners with smaller properties like retail shops or outlets.
  • Shingles: Shingle roofing is one of the most uncommon types of commercial roofing solutions, yet some business owners prefer the aesthetic quality it brings to the table. Shingles are also prevalent in multi-family housing such as apartment complexes.

Our team of in-house roofers will help you and provide valuable insight into each roof option.

Industries We Serve as a Commercial Roofer

In addition to working on an extensive range of roofs as a commercial roofer, we also serve a wide variety of industries. Here are just a few of the industries that we serve:

  • Apartment complexes and multi-family
  • Agricultural buildings roofing
  • Hospitals and healthcare roofing
  • Church roofing replacement
  • Shopping centers and office building roofing contractor

Why Choose LePierre for Your Commercial Roofing Needs?

LePierre Roofing has been in the commercial and residential roofing industry for over 32 years, thanks to our commitment to achieving 100% customer satisfaction on every job. Our in-house roofers are highly trained and certified to understand your needs and fully commit to bringing them to reality. We offer our commercial roofing services at an affordable rate without compromising on the quality of work. Our roofers are also fully insured and certified to ensure your next roofing job goes smoothly. Furthermore, we ensure our roofers undergo the latest training and certification courses to help them serve you better.

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When you’re looking for an experienced commercial roofer in Fernandina Beach, FL, you need to look no further than LePierre Roofing. Exceptional service is our standard. To get your roofing project off the ground, get in touch with us for a free consultation by calling 904-277-3000.