How to Make a Temporary Emergency Roof Repair

A Roof Damaged By a Tree

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On Florida’s coast, you can expect to get hit by severe weather, including hurricanes. Unfortunately, this means at some point in time you’re likely going to need an emergency roof repair.

But, what happens if you have damage and a roofer can’t get to you quickly?

While you’re waiting on repairs, the best–and least expensive–way to prevent further damage is to tarp the roof. For tarping to be effective, you need to cover the whole damaged area, make sure the tarp is smoothed out over it, and then nail it in place. Make sure to cover the nail heads with roofer’s cement to cover tiny holes.

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Can you fix a leaking roof in the rain?

Your home’s drywall is probably already saturated by the time a leaking roof is noticed. So, if a roofing contractor can’t get there for an emergency roof repair, something needs to be done to stop any further damage. Here are two ways to temporarily fix a leaking roof: 

Emergency Roof Covering

  1. Go to the attic and unroll polyethylene plastic so that it covers 4 feet on each side of the damage.
  2. Roll one end of that plastic around 2 by 4 by 8 boards and nail the plastic to the boards so it is sandwiched between 2 boards. 
  3. Position the wood along the eaves and stretch the plastic over the roof ridge, so that it covers the leak. Staple the other end of the plastic to another 2 by 4 by 8 board and allow that plastic-wrapped 2 by 4 by 8 to hang over the roof ridge.

If it is going to be more than a day before a roofing contractor can get to you, the following will provide a patch job that will last longer than the above.

Emergency Roof Patching

  1. Go into the attic and remove any wet drywall and insulation, then mop or soak up any standing water. Position a piece of plywood across the roof joists and place a bucket under dripping water.
  2. Trace the leak to its entry point, which isn’t necessarily where the water is dripping. Often rain will run down the roof rafters, so follow it upwards and you’ll probably find the leak from the roof decking. 
  3. Use plywood or a roofing shingle and roofing tar and create a patch by spreading the tar around the leak with a trowel. Then place the plywood or shingle over the hole and press. Follow up by spreading tar around the edge of the shingle or wood with a putty knife. 
  4. In the attic, measure the distance between the leak, the gable, and the roof ridge. Once the rain has stopped, get on the roof wearing rubber-soled shoes, and measure the same dimensions on the roof. Fortify the shingle undersides with more roofing tar over the leaking area. 

What qualifies as a roof repair emergency?

A roof that is damaged and leaving a part of the home exposed to the weather and other elements qualifies for an emergency roof repair. The longer the attic and interior of a home are exposed and have a severe leak because of roof damage, the more damage is being done, creating a structural hazard.      

An emergency roof repair is intended to protect your home from the elements while waiting for a permanent roof repair to be completed. An emergency is deemed as such by how the damage affects living conditions and if the home is safe to be occupied. 

Other reasons you might have a roofing emergency on your hands: 

  • A large area of missing shingles: One or two missing shingles won’t make the emergency list. But, when you have several shingles missing on the roof you often have an emergency on your hands. Don’t, however, dismiss repairs for one or two missing shingles for long. The damage can develop into an emergency roof repair with a hard wind that will let rain under the remaining shingles. 
  • Roof deck rot: A rotted roof deck may require emergency roof repair, especially if the rot is caused by moisture in the attic or improper ventilation. A rotted roof deck is a potential hazard to the structure of your home and should be addressed immediately. 
  • The interior is exposed to the elements: If the 2 or 3 missing shingles have left any part of the interior exposed to the elements, this is considered an emergency. 

When is a roof leak considered an emergency?

The roof on your home is meant to provide protection for you, your family, and your belongings. When there is damage to the roof that has left a hole and rain is pouring in most people would consider that a roofing emergency.

Most roofing contractors offer emergency roofing services, but how is the need for an emergency roof repair determined?  A roof leak is deemed an emergency if the roof repair can’t wait, such as when water is profusely pouring into your home.

Another emergency situation occurs when a large area on the roof has been damaged, such as when a tree has hit the roof. This type of damage weakens the entire roof and puts your home in structural danger. If your home is exposed to the elements in any way, you have an emergency situation.

Emergency Roof Repair Near Me

Don’t hesitate when your roof is damaged in a storm or other event. Whether you have a leak, missing shingles, or other types of roof damage, when you need 24/7 emergency roof repair in Fernandina Beach, FL, look to the experts at LePierre Roofing. We serve residential and commercial customers. To get a free estimate and schedule your emergency repair, all you need to do is call our team at 904-277-3000. We are always ready to help.

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