What Are the Best-Rated Asphalt Shingles?

A Shingle Roof

Advances in Technology Make Shingles Energy Efficient

Today, many homeowners are looking for alternate types of roofing materials. They choose tile roofing or metal roofing both for appearance and energy efficiency.

But what about asphalt shingle roofing?  Many advances have been made with this type of roofing material, including making it more energy efficient. 

Asphalt shingles are typically the most budget-friendly roofing material, especially 3-tab shingles. But, whether you want basic 3-tab shingles or composite shingles–aka architectural shingles–when it’s time for asphalt shingle replacement in Fernandina Beach, FL, you can always count on LePierre Roofing. Set up a service appointment today by calling 904-277-3000.

What are the best-rated shingles?

When choosing replacement shingles, you want to make sure you’re choosing the best materials available on the market today. LePierre Roofing always uses materials from leading manufacturers. Here are the top 6 manufacturers that we source shingles and other roofing materials from:

  • GAF
  • Certainteed
  • Owens Corning
  • Malarkey
  • Atlas
  • IKO

We use these materials to ensure our customers get the highest level of quality and service from their roofs.

We choose these shingles because they are composed of the highest quality materials, are highly UV and weather-resistant, are priced right, and have the best warranties around.

What is asphalt roofing made from?

When you choose asphalt shingles for your roofing material, what, exactly, are you getting? Here’s what these shingles are composed of:

  • Mat Base: Asphalt shingle roofing material starts with an organic base consisting of wastepaper and cellulose or an inorganic base of fiberglass.  
  • Asphalt: On top of the base mat, an asphalt blend is applied for the asphalt and a filler-type mineral is mixed together and applied to the base for waterproofing purposes. Another component is added to make the asphalt shingle roofing material fire-resistant and then the finished product is aerated so that the shingle material is flexible. Flexibility makes the shingles easier to install. 
  • Granules: The part seen from the ground is a layer of crushed rock or granules. They are applied in an uncolored state or in any of the many colors that can match any home. Other substances added at this time include an algae-resistant material and a reflective material that helps with energy efficiency.

How long does asphalt roofing last?

Typically, asphalt shingle roofing will last anywhere from 10-25, although some can last 30-40 years. Many factors will affect longevity, including regular maintenance and weather. The type of shingle you choose may also affect its lifespan.

  • 3-tab: The cheapest and thinnest type of asphalt shingle typically lasts between 15-30 years
  • Architectural: These are thicker asphalt shingle materials consisting of stacked layers of basic shingles that are then coated in asphalt. They are a little more expensive than the basic asphalt shingle roof material, but the architectural shingle has a longer lifespan of between 20-30 years.
  • Premium: These shingles are highly impact-resistant and designed to withstand hail and high winds in particular. They last between 25-40 years. 

When should asphalt shingles be replaced?

When considering asphalt shingle replacement, you’ll need to look into several issues including age and maintenance. If you’ve had annual professional inspections, those professionals have likely caught and repaired small issues like minor leaks that will preserve the roof’s lifespan. Maintenance and repairs of any type of roofing are important so as not to jeopardize the home’s structure with more damage. 

The type of roofing materials used, the climate and environment, as well as the maintenance of the roof will all affect the frequency at which a new roof is needed.

High humidity, long-term exposure to UV rays, and severe winter weather can take a toll on any type of roofing, but asphalt shingle roofing especially. After any significant type of weather, it is recommended to have your roof professionally inspected for possible damage.  From hail to high winds, asphalt shingle roofing can be damaged in ways that aren’t visible from the ground or by the untrained eye. 

Age, however, plays the biggest role in determining when to replace the roof. No matter the quality of the shingle, once your roof hits about 25 years of age, it’s a good time to consider replacing it.

Are black or grey shingles better?

What color shingle you place on your roof will matter, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. In warmer climates, lighter shingles like grey shingles will help keep your home cooler. Darker shingles like black shingles are best for cooler climates, in particular places where you get a lot of snow, as snow tends to melt quicker off black roofs.

But, energy efficiency often is not the primary appeal for shingle color choice–most homeowners look for aesthetic appeal and will choose shingles that will fit their home’s architectural style.

Interestingly enough, when considering aesthetic appeal, some people like darker colored roofs because they’ll make your home look smaller, while lighter colored shingles will often make the home look larger.

Is one missing shingle bad?

When you’re roof is damaged, it doesn’t always mean you’ll have to replace it. Usually, simple repairs are in order.

One typical problem homeowners face is missing shingles. While a missing shingle might affect curb appeal, it’s not necessarily something you have to rush to repair.

All this depends on location. A missing shingle that’s not located on a seam might not lead to a leak and leaks are the big worry when it comes to repairing your roof.

That said, anywhere that a missing shingle exists still has the potential for leaks, so getting the repair as soon as possible is essential for the health of your roof.

Asphalt Shingle Replacement Near Me

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