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LePierre Roofing is one of the premiere roofing contractors based out of Fernandina Beach and has been offering its services to the area’s residents and businesses for the last 32 years. At LePierre Roofing, we provide comprehensive roofing solutions of the highest quality standards and strive for complete customer satisfaction. With us at the helm of your roofing needs, you will never have to worry about leaks. Our hands-on approach makes maintenance easy as we let our work do the talking, as is evident with our 100% customer satisfaction ratings.

What separates us from other roofing contractors is that we offer more than just reliable services but also permanent solutions for all your roofing woes. Although most roofs are prone to springing leaks or damage over time, with our roof installations, you can rest assured that these issues will not surface for a long time. Furthermore, we also offer extensive roof maintenance services that help you keep your roof in the best working order. Want to get started? Give us a call at 904-277-3000 and we can answer any questions you might have!

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Roofing issues can be daunting. At LePierre Roofing, we know that faulty work on a roof can lead to many more problems down the line. That’s why we pride ourselves on the impeccable work that we do. Not only can you count on us to do the job right, we also make sure that we leave no trace once we are done. When our team finishes the job, all that will be left is a roof in pristine condition.

Regardless of the type of roof you have — asphalt shingles, metal panels, or even commercial roofing — we are skilled experts who have seen and done it all! You can rest assured that your roof is in good hands with the team at LePierre. Whether you need a quick repair or a full installation or replacement, our professionals can expertly execute any service you need.

Want to know more about what our team can do for you? Give us a call today at 904-277-3000 and we can discuss any questions you might have.

Whether you are looking to schedule roofing services or are seeking a roof inspection, we’re here to help! Please review our hours of operation:

  • Monday – Thursday 7:30 a.m – 5:30 p.m.
  • Friday – 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

At LePierre, we want to make sure you feel comfortable with your roofing services, so we welcome any questions and concerns you might have. Get in touch today and we can get started making sure your roof is perfect.

Why Choose LePierre Roofing?

What Makes Us Different


    We strive for complete customer satisfaction when it comes to roof installations. Since your satisfaction is our primary focus, the job is not done until you are happy about it.


    Unlike most roofing companies, we offer cost-effective roofing solutions that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Instead of paying for expensive roofs, pick a cost-effective one from us.


    Our team of in-house roofers is fully licensed to offer any roofing services. Since all our technicians are insured, you do not have to worry about liability during the job.


    Our roofers go through extensive training programs and certification courses that lend them a cache of experience and skills far more valuable than any other roofers in the vicinity.